WLS shaftless screw conveyor

Spiral groove width: 260-420mm
Power:                    0.75-7.5kW
Conveying volume:  2.4-12.8m3/h


  • 1 shaftless screw conveyor is a conveyor equipment widely used in sewage processing, mainly used for grid slag conveying machinery grille block up, press mud cake machine, filter processing and sand and other materials.
  • Other areas of the 2 chemical, food, medicine, papermaking, drinks have been fully used.


  1. The 1 structure is simple, the material groove bearing free, smooth transportation of the materials, simple maintenance.
  2. Has good sealing, no dust and pollution leakage phenomenon, in which waste materials and create a good working environment.
  3. The 3 conveyor can be used outdoors, to ensure that all parts can workin the harsh environment.
  4. Whether level, or inclined continuous conveying state can be, especiallywhen it is inclined conveying can be directly matched equipments are connected and fixed, do not need foundation, make full use of space.
  5. In addition to feed port, the rest is stamped with closed, the materialcan not overflow, reduce the environmental and air pollution.
  6. U type groove is made of stainless steel (304, 316), for customers to choose; the spiral body is made of carbon steel.
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