RSD disc diffuser

RSD series have RSD144, RSD245, RSD330 3 types, RSD144 is
large bubble disc aerator, RSD245/RSD330 are fine bubble disc


  • Aeration for SBR reaction basin, contact oxidation pond, andactivated sludge aeration basin in sewage disposal plant;
  • Aeration for denitrification/dephosphorization aerobic processes;
  • Aeration for excreta and animal wastewater treatment plant;
  • Aeration of deep aeration basin;
  • Aeration for high concentration wastewater aeration basin,and aeration for regulating pond of wastewater treatment
  • plant;
  • Aeration of fishpond and other applications.


RSD144 large bubble disc aerator

  • Special design of water pressure and material structure to prevent water back-flow during air flow interruptions.
  • High quality ABS compounds material body with incomparable heat resistance and softening temperature resistance exceptional to other general ABS material.
  • Synthetic thermoplastic polymer membrane offers protection from corrosion, weather, oil, aging and deformation which triple the service life as compared to other PVC or rubber products.
  • Flexible body gives the adjustability of discharge hole in different volume of air flow, which decreases the pressure loss and
  • prevents abnormalities.

RSD245, 330 fine bubble disc aerator

  • High oxygen transmission efficiency.
  • Good effect on saving power, and low operating cost.
  • Excellent counterflow prevention function.
  • Long guaranteed life.
  • Good sealing effect.
  • Easy installation.

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