JET Aeration system

Fluid Capacity:340m3/h-1500m3/h
Air Capacity:0.28m3/h-3.4m3/h

GSD Aeration system will be utilized in equalization tank and aeration system. For example, active sludge, deep layer aeration, lagoon and SBR.gsd aerator also utilized in Denitrifiction & Nitrification ..if air flow will be controlled.

1. High oxgen transfer efficiency.
2. No in-basin moving parts.
3. Ideal when liquid level fluctuates.
4. Energy efficient.
5. Control of mixing intensity.
6. Saving space and effective in deep tanks.
7. Corrosion resistant.
8. Easy to installation.
9. Flushout System.
10. For submersible design, micro organism can keep their activity in winter.

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